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Happy New Year!

I hope everyone saw 2012 out in style and I hope everyone also had a lovely Christmas!
Although 2012 wasn't exactly my favourite year, I think it ended pretty well.
My biggest new years resolution is to 'get shit done' and I'm making a new start for myself!
This includes a brand new blog, which I solemnly swear I will update regularly!
I'll be updating it within the next week but for now here it is -- r-brown.blogspot.co.uk

Hello 2013. 



What I Bought|

| Cardigan and Necklace - H&M | Printed T-shirt - Urban Outfitters | Denim Jacket - M&S sale | Grey T-shirt - Topshop | Grey Knitted Vest - ASOS | Jeans - Miss Selfridge | Jumper - Salt Rock |

As you can see I've been really bad lately, but that's what happens when you get your summer pay cheque within the same 2 weeks as your student grant. All logic goes out the window and lots of clothes go into your wardrobe!
Some of them are sensible purchases, such as the denim jacket. I'd been after a new one for a while as my old one was a little bit tight meaning it was fine in summer with just a t-shirt underneath but not ideal when you want to wear a big cosy jumper with it! So luckily I found this one for £23 in the M&S sale and it fits perfectly! Another sensible one, is the grey skinny jeans from work, that only cost me £9! BARGAIN! aaaand, okay not sensible, but one of my favourites... the grey 'Salt Rock' jumper that I bought when I was down in Cornwall. It's theee cosiest thing and I don't care if I feel like a boy wearing it!


What I Wore Today | 50 Shades of Grey

| Token photo of my grey cat - Millie | Oversized Roll Sleeve Tee - Topshop | Grey Super Soft Skinny Jeans - Miss Selfridge | Flatform Trainers - Urban Outfitters |

No, not the book, nor an outfit post about bondage etc. It's just the colour of half of my wardrobe at the moment! I need to get some colour in there.



My Little Cornish Adventure|


I'm back from my little trip to Cornwall and I genuinely think it was my best decision of the year! I finally feel refreshed and like I'm back to the old happy me!

Although the train journey took almost 8 hours, there's so much to see out the window that, as long as you've got a good music to listen to, it goes really quickly and, in what felt like no time, Hattie was greeting me from the station. She shares her student house with 4 other people but luckily for me only one of them, the lovely Philly, had moved in so I got my very own double bedroom and a peaceful house for the week.
The whole week consisted mainly of throwing ourselves in the sea, going on walking adventures, eating amazing food (thanks to Hattie and Philly) drinking rum... lots of rum, talking to gnarly surfer dudes (getting them to buy us more rum), kayaking, rock climbing, card games, being nosey round other peoples student houses, making friends, and basically just completely relaxing!

I think people should be prescribed a trip to Cornwall if they're feeling depressed, because I literally feel like last week was just what I needed!



Cornwall |

I'm currently 5 and a half hours into my journey which means I only have 2 left to go! Although I unfortunately haven't had any unbelievably hot surfer guys sit next to me, the journey hasn't been too bad, mainly because of the stunning views!

Anyway, that's me off for the week although you can follow me on instagram for some regular updates :) @hai_rachel



What I Wore|

| Beanie Hat - Topman | Dress - Topshop (old) |

Yet another belated outfit post from a party I went to last Saturday!