What I Bought|

| Cardigan and Necklace - H&M | Printed T-shirt - Urban Outfitters | Denim Jacket - M&S sale | Grey T-shirt - Topshop | Grey Knitted Vest - ASOS | Jeans - Miss Selfridge | Jumper - Salt Rock |

As you can see I've been really bad lately, but that's what happens when you get your summer pay cheque within the same 2 weeks as your student grant. All logic goes out the window and lots of clothes go into your wardrobe!
Some of them are sensible purchases, such as the denim jacket. I'd been after a new one for a while as my old one was a little bit tight meaning it was fine in summer with just a t-shirt underneath but not ideal when you want to wear a big cosy jumper with it! So luckily I found this one for £23 in the M&S sale and it fits perfectly! Another sensible one, is the grey skinny jeans from work, that only cost me £9! BARGAIN! aaaand, okay not sensible, but one of my favourites... the grey 'Salt Rock' jumper that I bought when I was down in Cornwall. It's theee cosiest thing and I don't care if I feel like a boy wearing it!


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