My mum decided to treat me to a trip up to Ikea on Monday because in the coming weeks i'm converting our attic into a studio/hobbie room and i've got to that point with my bedroom where no amount of rearranging furniture will make me happy so i'm giving a style overhaul! Anyway, i shall let the photos do the talking, here is what I bought!


Flat Pack
Doodle Pillow
IKEA milk glasses
1.What Ikea does best...Flat Pack!|2.'EIVOR' pillow|3.Pint sized milk glasses|4.Illustrated Curtains| 5.Pepparkakor (the best ginger biscuits ever)

(Token item of food there purely for the fact that whenever my mum takes me to Ikea it is compulsory to stock up on bits and bobs in the little food market they have. Key buys are, Pepparkakor(shown above), 'Kanelbullar' cinnamon buns, Prinsesstårta (a marzipan covered cake) and meatballs. From the time we spent out in Sweden when i was younger my mum has become obsessed with anything Swedish/Scandinavian hence the bi-annual trip to Ikea. Not complaining!)

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