Wednesday Wishlist|31.8.11

wishlist 30.8.11 2 1.MOTO Bleached Tapered Slouchy Jeans- Topshop.
I've been hunting for new jeans for ages now, and as Topshop, inconsiderately, seems to always be sold     out of my usual super skinny 'Jamie' jeans, i've been considering jumping into a new style. I bought a pair of wide leg flared jeans at the beginning of summer and i've worn them to death so maybe it's time to ditch the spray on tight, thigh squeezing denim i've become accustomed to and buy myself a pair of slouchy straight leg jeans! After all jeans are for those relaxed days where being comfy goes straight to the top of the priority list!

2.Tassel Clamp Bracelet-Topshop.
I really love all the chunky, bold jewellery that's everywhere at the moment, i think the right jewellery can turn the simplest of outfits into something special. The only downside to these bracelets is that because of my beyond feeble wrists the likelihood of them staying on is very slim and it'll probably be lost forever within ten minutes of stepping out the door.

3.Python Necklace- Topshop.
Another piece of jewellery but chunkier and much more of a statement piece once again it could just be one of those pieces that really transforms an outfit, think plain black or white t-shirt with the contrast of the gold and snakeskin effect print. NEED!

4.AMBUSH Side Zip Boots- Topshop.
I've actually already ordered these and i'm currently waiting for the courier to ring my doorbell! These are the most exciting item in this post. I saw them on the website towards the beginning of summer and couldn't make my mind up on them, plus the fact that it was technically 'Summer' i couldn't quite justify the £75 price tag! They then went on to sell out within a couple of weeks, so i've been waiting like a good little girl regretting not ordering them earlier and wishing they would come back online and finally they arrive in the 'back in stock' section of the topshop.com. With no hesitation I hit order and i cannot wait to get my feet into them!

5.Animal Sequin Cut Out Shoulder Dress- Warehouse.
Lastly (i seem like a bit of a magpie today) this beautiful gold dress. The store i work in is right next to Warehouse and so i pass their window everyday gazing in for something amazing to be in store but i'm never quite impressed enough to go in. But in the past week or so they've overhauled the window display from business wear to a luxe autumn look filled with animal prints, black and gold so i was instantly drawn in. Someone give me a good reason to justify spending £90 on a dress i'll only probably wear once or twice!! PLEASE!

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