Catch Up!


/ Sorry my blog's a bit all over the place at the moment but, starting January 1st I PROMISE I will try to be a blog worth following!

// I'm currently having a stress about what to wear on the biggest party night of the year, NYE! I've bought this awesome kimono and originally I was thinking about playing it cool with some black skinny jeans, a vest top, and shoe boots with some relaxed silver jewellery but now!.... all my girlfriends tell me they're going all out and wearing sparkly heels, skirts and dresses! So, in under 2 days I've got to come up with a new solution! Hello panic shopping tomorrow! Ideally i'm looking for a really simple big black short sleeved t-shirt that I could wear as a dress to go with this kimono but we'll see!

/// Lastly, my blog feels really distant from people that actually read it so as a new years resolution I'd like to get to know the people that take time out to look at my posts so don't be afraid to chat! xxx


  1. This necklace is so cute! Where's it from? x

    1. I bought it from Topshop, but it was about a year ago now :(