Hamsa Necklace
Here's some of the things I got for my birthday! I was a very lucky girl and got all sorts of bits and pieces. Notably, The anti wrinkle cream was from my mum after she accepted by irrational fear of wrinkles and the piggy bank was from my best friend and apparently I'm to use it to save up all my money so we can go on a ridiculous luxury holiday!(Better start filling it with £50 pound notes!). Also the Pandora package contained another two clips for my bracelet, from Jake and the 'Hamsa' necklace was from my cousin!

I had a really lovely birthday and Jake's, Mum's wedding was lovely and a really fun night! On the Sunday after a late start and a mass trip to McDonalds. Sunday night I was treated to a yummy three course meal from my Mummy which meant I spent the rest of the night nursing my food baby! This week I'm quite a busy bee, I've literally just finished sorting out my things for making an awesome valentines meal for tonight and then I have work later! Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in a couple of outfit posts before the week is up and I have to return back to my Uni routine!

Happy Valentines Day!


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  1. Hope you had a wonderful day!
    presents look amazing...you must be loved very much!