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Nail Pop H&M Brushes H&M Brushes
Here is just a couple of beauty buys that I picked up yesterday. The nail varnish is actually from the 'Look' for Superdrug range. I don't know if I've just been really unobservant or if they only supply their stuff in selected stores but I'd never seen any of their products before. I needed a new nail varnish anyway and so went for this 'Nail Pop' in shade 21 - Petticoat. The colour's a really lovely nudey, pale pink colour and perfect just for an everyday nail. The only thing I would say is that, it's quite watery and so you need to put a good couple of coats on to achieve a true opaque finish. (In the photo i'm wearing 2 coats but I'm tempted to put a third on.) Still at only £5 it is a pretty good nail varnish and there's a massive variety of different colours(including lots of the glitter ones aswell!)

Next up! I needed some new make-up brushes and I really hate having to pay out stupid amounts for them. Instead, when I was in H&M yesterday I saw their whole collection of brushes and picked up these two! 'The Foundation & Powder Brush' which was only £2.99 and the 'Smokey Eye Brush' which was only £1.99. I've heard mixed reviews on H&M brushes but I'm going to shampoo and condition them to hopefully stop them from malting too much and then see how they go. I'm not a make-up pro, so I don't really mind even if they are a bit dodgy, but after i've given them a bit of a trial run I'll give you guys a review anyway! (:


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