Brighton Fashion Week 2012!

As I mentioned before, I'm really excited to be working at BFW this year and it was confirmed at the end of last week that I'll be helping out with the 'Zeitgeist' show, and so I figured I'd tell you a little bit more!

'The Zeitgeist Show features innovative and contemporary designs that infuse stylish sophistication, elegant lines, immaculate tailoring and luxurious fabrics with pioneering style aesthetics. It welcomes new, emerging and established designers who are ready to take their vision to the next level. The pinnacle event of BFW 2012, the show will be packed with an exciting array of cutting edge designers.'

My job role is the assistant producer for the show so hopefully i'll be really hands on and be able to let you guys know all the details! For now, if you haven't already, head over to Facebook and like the BFW page... OR follow on twitter!



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