Wednesday Wishlist |

Wednesday Wishlist
| Khaki Textured Jumper - Topshop | Fur Messenger Bag - Zara | Knitted Plain Grill Cardigan - Topshop | HANS Black and White Flip Flops - Topshop | MOTO Organic Bleach Baxter Jeans - Topshop | AUGUST Suede Ankle Boots - ASOS | Crepe Drop Back Tunic - Topshop | Two Row Arrow Necklace - Topshop | Minkpink Scorpio Rising Mini Dress - ASOS |

It's coming up to payday and until it hits Friday I'm avoiding all shops in fear that I'll max out my overdraft, although it's making me crazy with all the lovely things I've seen recently!

The thing that I'm desperately after, is the Minkpink 'Scorpio Rising Mini Dress' (Bottom Right). I don't think I can explain my love for this dress enough, and on Friday I will be hitting the big 'Add to Basket' button on ASOS! Another one from ASOS, that is actually on it's way to me right now, are the 'August' boots. I've been after some lighter coloured boots for a while because there's just some things that my Ambush boots don't go with... shock horror... and as these lovely little boots were marked down to £35, I figured, 'why not!' (Ok so I may have done a tiiiiiny bit of spending before payday!)

The flip flops are a little bit of a random item I must admit BUT I am so sick of cramming my feet into uncomfortable shoes recently, like it actually makes me slightly angry not having bare feet at the moment. So I figured, flip flops are the solution. I've been debating on getting a pair of Havaianas but I don't know if they're really worth the money, and whether I'm just being a sucker and buying into the hype. 
Opinions on Havaianas?


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