What I Bought| Killer Heels.

New shoesNew shoesNew shoes 
|Light Brown Strappy Block Heels - New Look|
This post makes me a little sad mainly because I completely ruined these shoes last night when I fell down a whole flight of stairs at the BFW closing party (luckily not in front of everyone). But as I fell I managed to pass out and when I came round, through the other nonsense words that were coming out of my mouth, apparently all I was concerned about were my shoes! I'd also like to stress that I wasn't actually drunk when this happened which made it all the more embarrassing as I could only blame my complete lack of balance/general clumsiness/shoes for the incident. Explaining the title of the post - attempted murder killer heels.

So anyway here are what the shoes used to look like before last night and before I managed to completely shred the heels.

These beautiful shoes are from New Look and were such a steal at only £19.99! I must admit they are a little difficult to walk in and you do have to get used to them (might explain the fall) but they look absolutely stunning on. They also come in black but they are £24.99 instead, although still not bad for such a nice shoe. My only criticism is the fabric, I know a lot of high street stores go down the suedette route and you know they won't last very long but these seem to be extra fragile and not amazing quality. However if you're sensible with your shoes and don't go flying down staircases or wearing them to grimey clubs where everything comes out black, you'll be fine!

Buy them here.

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