Summer Breeze... |

| Shoreham Beach and Gee's freshly tattooed toes |

Well today has put me in well-deserved awesome mood! I sorted lots of things out at home, then went down the beach with Gee, came home, chilled in the garden and then went and sat down the beach with my mum to watch the sun go down and the tide go out! Oh what a little bit of sun can do!
Other than today I don't really have much to report as my week has just consisted of work, bidding on wetsuits on ebay, and generally wasting my summer quite nicely!
I did manage to fit a girls night out into my busy schedule and so last Tuesday I hit Brighton with Georgia, where we drank far too much and I pulled all my stomach muscles from laughing so hard.
One little exciting thing (well not very exciting, but hey i'm easily pleased!), I received a new lens for my camera in the week, which I bought on eBay, and it's rad!
It's a holga lens for digital slrs and basically just makes your images look like you've shot them on a little old holga camera! Buy one here!


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