I'm forever going AWOL, I'm sorry :(
Biggest thing to report at the moment is, I GOT AN IPHONE! yay! I was so sick of my blackberry that I bought out my contract for an early upgrade and I'm in love. I'm literally so addicted to it, it may as well be permanently attached to my hand!
The only thing I'm scared about is breaking it and scratching it so I have a couple of animal themed cases on their way from ebay!...i'm such a child!
If anyone knows of any other good places for cases, please let me know! The only other ones that I've found which I love are like £30 and I think that's a little steep :(

Anyway, I'll try and pop up a few more posts over the weekend but for now you can follow me on instagram for a more regular update! @hai_rachel



  1. Hey rachel! just wondering if you used your holga lens for this? and did you need to buy anything to make sure it would fit? I really want to get one but im scared it wont fit my slr :( x

    1. Hey! I just used my standard lens for this but the holga lens should fit to most slrs, your camera just won't recognise it so you have to shoot everything on manual settings. ALSOO the holga lens has a couple of downsides in that obviously you can't zoom in and out or anything, so it's set with quite a high magnification, anndd i've found that, unless you have the patience of a saint with manual settings, it only really works well outside. (bit of an essay reply there but hope that helps!) xxx