Practicality VS. Style.
Festivals, festivals, festivals! Everyone's going on about them, every high street store brought out a 'festival-wear' trend this year, every magazine was documenting each one from Coachella to Glastonbury and it was the ‘IT’ thing to do among your friends. So last weekend i packed up my stuff and headed down to Newquay for the Boardmasters festival.
For those who don't know, Boardmasters is predominantly all to do with surfing and skating(hence the name) so the style down there was all pretty similar, very boho, very relaxed, incredibly cool. Think Gillian Zinser and you’ve nailed it!

Pre-Festival i was frantically trying to decide what to pack and went for practicality over style, which in my opinion was one of my best moves! My slightly dreadlocked hair remained under my wooly hat, my feet remained dry in long socks and wellies and my shorts and jumper combination kept me just the right temperature without looking too frumpy and fashion illiterate. Finally my green parka-esque pac-a-mac was perfect for when it decided to rain(ALOT).

Over the weekend whilst we were sat out in the sun i had spotted a girl wearing a beautiful little white flippy dress with tan loafers, little chunky knit cardi and an intricately done headband and wished i hadn’t gone for the no make-up, grunge look. However later on in the night whilst we were watching one of the bands i saw the same girl, by this time though it had been torrentially raining for about an hour... this is when i felt quite smug in my massive waterproof jacket and horrendous freebie bright pink poncho thrown over it, as the said dress was now slightly see through and more beige than white, the loafers looked soaked through and as though they were going to fall apart at any second, the cardi was drenched and matted and the headband was no where to be seen. Practicaity-1, trying to look cool in torrential rain-0!

So here i draw my conclusions.
No. 1 If heading to Coachella, Benicassim or any other foreign festival, where the probability of sun is much greater than the probability of rain, festival style can reign! However practicality over style will always win at British festivals! Who really wants their expensive tassled poncho dangling centimetres from its doom in the portaloos, who wants their sheer tops drenched by beer or any other liquids being thrown around in the crowd or their beautifully embellished items being shredded as every ‘lad’ decides to ‘mosh’ to any song!No one!
No.2 High waisted denim shorts are a staple!
No.3 Do NOT wear white! White vs. Rain, muddy fields and alcohol will never end well!

Finally if you’re driving well out of your way to go to a festival always remember a map, or route planner for both ways of the journey!! Brighton to Newquay in 5 hours, Newquay to Brighton via Bristol takes 8 hours! Never confuse the M5 with the M27!

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