wish list
Wishful thinking right now as funds are running quite low and the need for Uni stuff is much greater than the need for new clothes.

1.The LBD is a basic Topshop number and for only £20 i don't think you could go wrong, little black dresses are such a wardrobe staple and i always love high necklines. If my pay isn't too bad this month and they have it in my local store, i may have to pick it up!

2.Anything with an animal print is always a must have for me, and i'm thinking of trading my battered leopard print purse in for this real leather dalmation print purse. Its a neccesity..obviously!

3.This seems to be my only solution right now to my ever fading ombre hair, until it regains its strength to bleach it again! If anyone else has any other solutions, PLEASE let me know!

4.FINALLY, even though i know i just said i didn't have very much money at the moment i have just ordered these New Look ankle boots as i've been looking at them and thinking about them for a while and i feel like if i don't buy them and they sell out i will be gutted! Pictures to follow when i recieve them!


  1. The John frieda go blonder shampoo is good but I also use the go blonder spray which is amazing and it has saved me getting my hair done at the hairdressers for ages! You start to see the difference in hair colour after about 10 uses. (it contains hydrogen peroxide but if you look after uour hair and use leave in conditioner spray etc. You wont notice any damage) Although I don't recomend it on your brown hair, it does make it look a little ginge :/ but you have blonde tips right? It'll work on your tips fine! Hope this helps :) xxx

  2. Ah thank-you! Very helpful! It's just the tips that need rescuing so that sounds perfect. I shall give it a whirl (:xxx