So today me and the boyfriend went shopping, so that he could get some new clothes for work come September and so i could pick up all my stationary for University, along with some clothes which i'll be able to just throw on with ease for early classes. I'm already jumping into building my autumn/winter wardrobe and so that meant that the purchases of today included big lovely textured jumpers and long sleeved tops.

My two Zara jumpers are the cosiest things and for, in my opinion, a really reasonable price the quality seems quite high. My two bits from Topshop are also really lovely, the grey textured jumper and simple cream drop sleeve batwing top i plan on wearing with chunky jewellery and any form of skin tight bottoms!

As for my stationary i have a lot of bits i still need to get but i stocked up today on the neccesities... and a few unnecessary items, such as my panda highlighters... well who could resist?!
I have to say stationary shopping is a massive guilty pleasure of mine and it was fueled by a trip to 'Paperchase' where I could of spent 100s of pounds quite happily!

Wanting September and some Autumnal weather now!


  1. Don't even get me started on stationary shopping! I've been putting mine off for a while cause i know i'll spend too much! Serious guilty pleasure!

  2. You have to go and do it! You know you won't regret it, plus you can justify that every item you buy is a complete neccesity so you won't have any buyers remorse!x