Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has had a lovely and relaxing Christmas! On Christmas day I slept in to nurse my hangover, after a night of heavy drinking Christmas eve, but then spent the rest of the day with my parents opening presents, watching films and eating. Jake then picked me up in the evening and we spent a lovely evening celebrating Christmas and his birthday. I've got to say I think this Christmas might have been one of my favourites, not purely because I have caught up on hours of sleep and gained about a stone in weight from all the yummy Christmas goodies, but because I've got to spend it with the people I love and it's left me in an awesome mood!

The fact that I've been spoilt rotten may also have helped my good mood! In the photo you can some of the bits I got, the watch, cream jumper, and Pandora bracelet (the best surprise) was from Jake. The star charm was from his Mum, and the black vans from his Dad. From my parents I got all the other bits in the photo (including the blanket behind it all) aswell as 'Babyliss Wave Envy' hair thingys and some cosy slippers.

All in all best christmas on record!

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