These boots weren't made for walking...

Both Miss Selfridge.

With most the sales beginning before Christmas I was on the look out for a good bargain and I was not dissapointed! The shoes in the top photo are ones i've been contemplating for a while, although they are ridiculously high they are a true statement shoe and when they were marked down from £69 to £35 (with staff discount on top of that!) I decided to go for it! I'm still not sure what i'll wear them with so now I've got to put them through practicality tests! Anyway the second pair of shoes cost me just £15 and are actually really comfortable however I feel a bit guilty keeping both so somehow I need to choose between them!Help!

(P.s. There's going to be a few posts in one day today! As I tried to queue posts so they went out over Christmas and failed miserably! Sorry to be an annoying blogger spamming your feeds!x)

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