What I Bought|

Leopard Print Jumper-New Look| Zig Zag Black & Gold top-Miss Selfridge| Printed T-shirt-Zara
These are a few bits I bought yesterday when I was with my mum. I've been after a leopard print jumper for ages and I thought this one has quite a really lovely print (i'm really fussy about my leopard prints!!) I wasn't sure on the shape of it at first but I think it's one of those things you have to try on to see its full potential! The sparkly jumper I got on my uniform allowance at work, aand the crackley print top is just a basic jersey one from Zara, although i'm not sure if it will be a permanent addition to my wardrobe yet i'm facing the money vs. new clothes dilemma... although we all know how that usually works out!

Okay so I didn't exactly buy these yesterday, in fact i bought them a couple of weeks ago but i've been dying to share them with you! I'd been after them for a while so popped into my local H&M hoping they'd be in stock, I only saw one pair left with no labels and no size written on them. Instead of trying them on like a normal person(I had boots and thick socks on, and i'm lazy) i held them against my foot and figured they'd be fine. Anyway putting them through the till I was getting ready to part with my £20 note, when they came up as £10, already happy with my £10 saving the guy behind the till then told me that sale shoes had an extra 50% off! Soo....say hello to my £5 shoes, and, if that wasn't good enough, they fit perfectly! Happy Days! x

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  1. nice jumper&wedges! xx