Friday Catch-Up

Finally! I'm finished for Christmas! It's time to catch-up on hours of sleep, seeing my friends and having some well earnt 'me-time'.

The past week has been pretty manic, I had a deadline on monday where me and my group from Uni submitted our documentary on fashion pr, then on Tuesday we were put in pairs for a one day brief to experiment with historic styling, our decade was 1940s style, which was actually alot of fun regardless of my stress levels (i'll hopefully be able to find our final image soon). Wednesday was a bit of a boring day but then yesterday I went Christmas shopping with my mum (i'll show a couple of things i got later), and I had the girls from uni over for a chinese takeaway before they all went home today! The diet definately went out the window last night as between 4 of us we managed to spend over £40 on different dishes!YUM!

Anyway, I finally have time to get back to this blog and hopefully I can bring you all sorts of things over the Christmas holidays! x

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  1. Love the photo u hottie! Hope u had a nice night in Thursday wish I could have come thanks for invite tho :) love heli xx