Catch Up!

I'm sorry, I've been a busy bee again! Uni has gone into work overload now so I've been pretty much just focusing on that. Everyone on the course has been doing historical styling shoots, so whilst trying to get mine sorted I've been modelling for other peoples projects. Last week I was a 1930's housewife, yesterday I was a 70's hippie and next week i'm going to be head to toe in 90's grunge!
I've also had to do a personal shopping project (which I'll hopefully be able to show you some of once I've located my memory card), I've just begun a marketing project where I need to re-brand a certain label, AND tomorrow and Friday I'm helping out a third year 'FMP' student, by modelling hair and make-up for her final project. (Hopefully I'll be able to get some photos from behind the scenes because it sounds awesome!)
Anyway, I'll have a couple of things coming your way this week, but please don't hate me for being a very lazy blogger at the moment! x

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