I've seen so much dip dye recently it's unreal, everyone's gone mad for it! So, I decided that on a rainy afternoon off from Uni i'd give it ago myself. So here is my step by step of what I did, if anyone is really bored and fancies going crazy with some old t-shirts.

You will need:
-A 100% cotton t-shirt.
-A bucket.
-Household bleach.
-Rubber gloves.
1. Find yourself either an old t-shirt or go out and buy a new one. It doesn't matter what it looks like as long as it's 100% cotton! - I bought mine from Primark in the mens section for just £2.50.
2. Grab yourself a bucket or wash bowl type thing and fill it up with plain household bleach and water. Now when I was reading up things online about bleach clothing it said to use alot of water with the bleach, and i'm guessing that's because of trying not to ruin the fabric too much. BUT I figured the more bleach the quicker and more extreme the effect. So in the end I probably had an equal ratio of bleach to water.
3.Next (after you've decided on the effect you want to go for), lower in the bottom of your t-shirt. -If you want a gradual, sort of Ombre effect you could always leave the very ends in for ages and then slowly lower it down so you get bands of colour from really light(at the bottom) to darker(at the top).
4.For mine, I was quite lazy and got annoyed with just how long it was taking to change colour so I covered the top of the t-shirt with a bag and made it water tight with elastic bands and then just left it in there over night. Obviously dip dying is never supposed to be precise or too neat so I figured it wouldn't matter. bleach6
5. So this is the effect after leaving it over night in the bleach and popping it through the wash. If anyone is planning on doing this you do have to remember that if it's a really dark colour it's not going to go a grey or white if you bleach it, just because of the way the fabrics are created and dyed. BUT don't panic because if you leave it long enough it goes through it's muddy,orangey brown shade and ends up in a pinky sort of shade. (If anyone has done this and has found that, if you leave it for a really long period of time, it does turn white-ish then please let me know!) bleach 5
THE FINAL PRODUCT! (it looks better when you actually iron it)

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  1. Amazing...love abit of D.I.Y what it comes to clothes!

    cool idea. x