In the Northbrook hair and make-up studios!

It's been a crazy first few days back at Uni. We officially started on Friday but now we're back into the full swing of things after the Christmas break. Each of us have styling shoots coming up over the next few weeks so everyone's pretty stressed and running around like headless chickens meeting with hair and make-up, sourcing all the outfits and faffing around with the set up of the shoot. Mine is next week and it's going to be 1940's inspired, however today I was just helping my friend out and modelling for her 1930's style shoot which involved sitting in hair and make-up for 2 hours whilst the awesome students tackled my dead dip dyed hair and my dry and blotchy winter skin.... I'm such a treat.

Hopefully I'll be able to grab one of the final photos off of Georgia when she's finished and you'll be able to see what the outcome was!

Hope everyone's having a good week!xxx

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  1. Sooo Cool, Modelling is so much fun. Yeah show us a picture of the make over!