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Oh Urban Outfitters! You are my weakness... Does anyone else find that UO is one of those shops that leaves you desperately thinking of get rich quick schemes, I don't think I've ever walked in there and not wanted to buy something, although because of the sorry state of my bank account I rarely walk out of there with a bag full of goodies:(

Saying that, I have done pretty well with their sales, the top photo is my new Cheap Monday jumper which I found in the mens bits, marked down from £65 to £10! It's a really cosy waffle knit style and a really lovely quality (which you would expect considering it was originally £65!). When I was snooping around the mens section I also bought myself a £10 Cheap Monday t-shirt.

The next photo is actually of an older purchase, I got this when the sales started after Christmas and this was  the staple for my NYE outfit! This kimono only cost me £22 from £45 so I was pretty pleased and it looked awesome, with black super skinny jeans, black stilettos, a vest top and statement silver jewellery!

I could ramble on for ages about my love for Urban Outfitters but I'll leave it at this for now!
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  1. ooh love that jumper - very cute. Nice blog, you have a new follower - couldn't find where to follow you on blogger so added you on bloglovin xxx


  2. Awh thanks! (: Folllowed you right back! xxx