1. Acid Wash Backpack - Topshop
2. ANDRE Leather Chelsea Boot - ASOS
3. Button Front Midi Dress - Topshop
4. Models Own Lipstick in 'Blackcurrant'
5. Peace Sign Belt - Topshop
6. Filigree Charm Bracelet - Topshop

Hello! So this post is a half, 'Weekly Wishlist' and half, basic, catch-up type of thing. Here's a few bits that, I've either got coming my way or that i'm contemplating buying. I'm currently waiting on an ASOS parcel, which contains the boots and the lipstick pictured, I've also got some nice new underwear in the same order! I managed to get it all when ASOS had it's 25% student discount on, so I got it all for a really reasonable price! Hopefully the package should arrive tomorrow or Tuesday and then I can show you guys!

The other few bits are just some things that really caught my eye, and oddly they all go together nicely as an outfit in my wishlist! I've got a real thing for midi dresses at the moment because I think you can make them look so feminine or give them a sort of grunge style edge with different accessories, and I really like the button up front on this Topshop one. The peace symbol belt, i've been after for a while but unfortunately it's now sold out online (fingers crossed for it appearing on the websites 'back in stock' page).

Anyway, I am literally living in my giant jumpers and knitted bobble hats at the moment and that is one of the reasons there has not been any outfit posts recently. The thought of getting undressed just to get into my pj's at night makes me feel chilly, let alone the idea of getting changed just to show you guys what I've been buying lately. BUT... Do not fear! I have two weeks off from Uni so I will stop my selfish blogging ways and show you all the bits and bobs I've been buying, where I've been going and what I've been up to.

I'm also off shopping with my mum tomorrow to buy a dress for my boyfriends, mum's wedding on Saturday, so I can show you that, and any thing else that I buy in a post in the week.

I have a pretty good week ahead of me, seeing friends, getting my hair cut, the wedding and ALSO, It is my birthday on Saturday and I will no longer be a teenager! (my mum insists that 'twenteen' is not a real age!) BUT the best part is, I booked the week off work, and I have no Uni! Hello relaxation!

Hope you're all well! xxx

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  1. Love the peace belt! I'm also living in giant jumpers! :)