Catch Up|

A photo from this evening's sky, I love it when the weather's like this, freezing cold, but so sunny!

I've got a quite a busy yet lovely week, this week and i'm going to try and document it with photos and outfit posts as much as possible! Tomorrow night I'm celebrating with all the girls from work as a really good friend is leaving for a new job. We're all getting glammed up and heading out for a meal and then for drinks after! Thursday, me and a couple of girls from Uni are off out to visit some exhibitions and start with a street style project we've been given, we're then all off out in to town in the evening for one of the girls' birthdays. I've also got a couple of other things on, but I'll let you know about them a little bit later on!


  1. Wow bizzy week!
    How did your night out go?
    And it would be cool to see your street project.


    1. The nights out were so good thanks!
      I'll be posting some photos of my street style project over the weekend so stay tuned!