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This weeks buys are from ASOS! I took advantage of their awesome 'Leap Yeah' discounts and so this is what I got!

First up we have, vertical stripe tights! I've been looking everywhere for some and after repeatedly checking my local Topshop for theirs to be back in stock, I gave up and started browsing through various online stores for some. (Why I didn't immediately turn to Asos, I have no idea!) Luckily I came across them just as the leap yeah 29% off discount started so they cost me just £7.20!

I've been looking for a holdall type bag for a while after realising just how much I have to carry to Uni some days. I saw this one actually in the mens section and although it's only polyurethane rather than leather, it's a really nice quality and It doesn't feel like one of those bags that's going to break after using it just a few times.

Finally, and this one isn't for me. I bought this watch for my boyfriend as he needs a basic, non-fancy watch for work. At only £11 for a Casio look-a-like I figured it wasn't bad, and the strap's adjustable so if you prefer chunky watches then I don't see why girls can't have one either!

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