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topshoparcel1 crosstee
Cross Front Longline Cami - Topshop

Today I was really surprised to receive my Topshop parcel as I only ordered it on Sunday! (Love to their delivery team!)

I only bought this t-shirt as I was already ordering a couple of bits for my mum for mothers day, and figured I may as well order something else to make it up to a free delivery charge.

I chose this as I really love the shape and style of it, it's definately long enough to wear as a dress and you could always layer it up with a long sleeve top underneath in the cold or dress it down with some denim shorts for the summer.

Although I do really love it, it seems to sit quite strangely and however hard you try to jiggle it around it doesn't quite work. It may be fine for straight up and down girls, but for me, it just didn't work. Another down side was that if you were to wear it as a dress (unless you have no care for your dignity) you definately need to pop some sort of slip underneath and you'd also have to think through your bra choices as it cuts quite low down at the back and the sides.

I still recommend giving this one a try because I reckon it could look amazing on the right person, AND it's only £22 so it's completely justifiable to buy! But for me, it's heading back to Topshop!



  1. This is gorgeous! Didn't look much on the wedsite but lovely on :) x


  2. Its so pretty! I spotted it on the website the other day, it looks beautiful on :)

    1. I think I prefer it from the back than from the front :(
      It'd probably look rad on you though!
      love your blog by the way!