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My nails from the other day!

After seeing loads of tutorials for these I decided to give it a go myself and it was literally the easiest but most effective looking thing ever and I've received loads of compliments on them. They do look a bit rough if you look at them up close but for a first attempt i'm pretty pleased.

To do these, all you need is a pale base coat (I chose white), your favourite brightly coloured nail varnish and a bit of sponge.

Start by painting your nails in your desired pale colour, then once dried give yourself a sort of 'french tip' in your chosen bright colour (this helps create a really strong colour for the ombre effect. PLUS it saves you time having to sponge loads on the ends!) Next, take your little bit of sponge and dab it in a tiny bit of nail varnish then just start building up the colour.

You do have to be really patient and wait for it to dry inbetween building up the colour, otherwise the sponge will just lift what you've already applied!


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