Weekly Wishlist|

| 1. Woven Front Vest - Topshop | 2. Lip Marker in Popsicle - Topshop | 3. MONTYS Suede Espadrille Shoes - Topshop | 4. Curved Felt Pork Pie Hat - Topshop | 5. 'Berry Ice Cream' and  'Mint Green' Nail Varnish - Barry M | 6. Palm Tree Drop Arm Top - Topshop | 7. Moto Blush Strip Hotpants - Topshop | 8. Mint Mermaid Belt - Topshop | 9. Neon Floral Shopper Bag - Topshop |

Okay, so I've gone a bit Topshop mad this week but they've got some really lovely bits in at the moment! Top of my list are the shoes and floral shopper! Although I'm holding out for a girly shopping trip up to London to spend my well deserved student finance/clothes fund, where hopefully I'll pick up a couple of the other things on this list!

Without boring you all too much, I've had a really rubbish and stressful past few days which explains for my lack of posting. HOPEFULLY, everything calms down a bit and I get a chance to show you a few of the bits I've bought recently and some of my outfit posts! So much to share, so little time at the moment!
Stay tuned anyway!


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