Here are some delightful photos from last night! I hope you all especially appreciate the close up of my drunk face at the end...

We started off, in the classiest of ways, and headed straight to Wetherspoons for our 2 for £10 pitchers, which automatically means one pitcher each complete with straws rather than glasses. Begin with games of 'I have never..', loudly talking about tons of 'inappropriate' things attracting the attention of all tables close by and generally just being completely un-ladylike.
Next up was the Haunt for 80s night...drink, dance, repeat, cry, leave. Then on the long miserable stroll up to the bus stop we popped in to 'Molly Malones' a bar that used to be a swanky and chic cocktail bar and is now pretending to be a big Irish pub, cue more drinking and dancing to songs like 'I will survive' featuring empowered women moment and my friends singing 'Rachel will survive'.
FINALLY, Burger King, the end to every good night out followed by a long bus ride home and walking in the rain.

Now to get on with all my uni work which I have been successfully putting off for the whole weekend!


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