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| Gauze Shirt | Fringed Skirt | Printed Kimono |

As i mentioned before, I stayed up untill midnight when the Zara sale went live like a completely ridiculous shopping addict, and this is what I bought.

My absolute favourite purchase is the kimono! I saw it a while ago but couldn't justify the price tag, however now at £19.99 I thought it would be rude not to! The fabric's quite heavy so it means it hangs perfectly and the colours and the print are so summery. Definately recommend this to everyone!

Just one little thing, and I'd never ordered anything from Zara before so this is why I'm so amazed. But their delivery service and packaging is so lovely. The constant updates on my order was really useful and the presentation with the box and tissue paper and everything really surprised me. Everyone that orders from Zara all the time is probably like.... oh god, it's a box and some paper, you freak... But hey! I do like a good bit of presentation!


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