Once again, naughty me! I've been so absent, but it's purely because it's that time of year when all deadlines are crammed together before Christmas. The photo above is from today at Uni where we were just playing around with different cameras ready for our styling with photography projects after the Christmas break. This is just a quarter of the whole group in the infinity curve. (I'm the one with the aztec-y cardi- from Miss Selfridge!)

Last week I was lucky enough to go up to London, with my 'Broadcast' group, to interview an amazing company called 'Trace Publicity'. We got to speak to one half of the duo that created the company, and were lucky enough to be shown around their lovely showrooms, and told about the ins and out of their business. Unfortunately the only photographs I got from the day are a couple of photos of our yummy breakfasts from that morning!

The rest is on film which, depending on whether we can get the rights to show it publicly,  may or may not appear on this blog.

This week is another busy one full of birthdays and Uni work, so if i'm not posting all that much please don't hate me!

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