Wednesday Wishlist| 9.11.11

1. Silver Foil Jumper| Miss Selfridge
Metallics are literally EVERYWHERE at the moment and even though i've always had a massive hatred for lurex and foil in clothing, i'm slowly coming round to the idea. This Jumper from Miss Selfridge is a really subtle way of doing the trend. Even though the outside is quite coarse from the foil, inside is a really cosy knit. Also really easy to dress up or down! WANT!

2. Black Croc Laptop Case| Miss Selfridge
I really like this laptop case as is it looks like all those oversized clutches that are around at the moment. How practical it would be..i don't know. It has a thin lining of padding on the inside to give your laptop a little more protection but i'm still undecided if there's any practicality to it what so ever.

3. Black High Waist Soft Jeans| Miss Selfridge
Thirdly, i feel obliged to buy any pair of jeans that fit perfectly, and these are going to be bought immediately! For once these jeans actually do what they say on the label, they are proper high waist jeans, not mid waist, not 'high waist-ish', they are perfect! The soft denim also means they're really easy to move in and comfortable to wear. Best Jeans!

4. Pointed Blucher| Zara
I've been after some smarter flat shoes, with a brogue sort of style so these caught my eye, I loved the pointed toes regardless of whether they will kill my feet. Although I've seen alot of cheaper alternatives, and these seem a little pricey at £69.99, with Zara you know the quality will be worth it and the leather on these feels amazing.

5. Pieces Pluto Ear Cuff| Asos
FINALLY. Ear cuffs! I've been dying to get some for a while and after unsuccessfully buying one from Topshop, which when I went to squeeze it to adjust the cuff to my ear broke into pieces, i've been desperately trying to track down a replacement! Here's to hoping this one won't let me down!

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