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I have never been so proud of my bargain hunting skills!

Both of these finds I picked up in a local vintage shop, which unfortunately is closing down tomorrow. BUT that did mean the owner was eager to sell things off much cheaper than usual!

Firstly, the sheepskin coat was originally marked at £35, which to be honest I did think was a little steep to begin with considering it's had a whole previous life with another owner. BUT ANYWAY! I then saw a little extra sticker on the label saying that it was now marked to £15 but still I wasn't sure but after about 15 minutes of me demonstrating my usual unbelievable indecisiveness the woman told me she'd mark it down even more if I really wanted it and in the end I walked away with it for £7.50!! It fits perfectly and is in such good quality, although I've just been going on about enjoying the lovely weather I now want it to get really cold just so I can wear my new coat!

Secondly, and this was the amazing find that topped my coat! Russel and Bromley loafers for...wait for it... £13.50! (I hope everyone's understanding just how excited I am about these). These were tucked away in the corner of the same vintage shop and my mum originally spotted them hoping they'd fit her, but, they fitted me better instead! They are literally in such good condition and they seem like they've only been worn a few times.I practically ran to the counter!
I don't think there's much more to say, other than I expect these to be attached to my feet for quite a while now!

Buying things from high street shops is never as exciting!


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